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Earthborn Daemon

by Manslaughter

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Betrayer 03:05
Betrayer! Your memory in pieces Shining – when you pour light on it Words like woodworms in their feast Penetrating deeper till nothing’s left As final foothold sweeps away Your rope tightens in the end Temptation! Testify gospel truth Varying of profit gained Scarred with treason’s scorching sting Shame will never harm your self Just remember about the ultimate I can always see through You I can always see through You! As easy as it is again & again Would You care to betray yourself?...
Hackfleisch 02:45
Patology! Oh sweet patology Deviate - one can be unique Observe - another weak mind Taste - another crime Hackfleisch, Fuck till she rot Hackfleisch, oh splendid gut Hackfleisch, our favourite Hackfleisch, Hackfleisch! Following verses will tell a quick story fortunate or not - but a true one a desperate sex addict chose to love in his own way home of wax - cloth he’d prepare a meat-like baby did he care a crimson scenery such a bizzare, romantic day Hackfleish! Hackfleish not only meat Hackfleish! Hackfleish decompose your need Hark! now tell me like another deviation fancy for animality care for sick seduction adore your inner need drown in reflux thick as today’s man’s dream flow thru human’s woes find your own disease darn!
ever cared 'bout the shit injected ever tried to undestand the myth let me enlighten you now let me lead your way down to obscure ideology which way to choose your mind flows in as an opposition Follow! As I speak take the propaganda Let emerge the new religion Propagandaemon! Ever listened to a prophet ever heard his attitude let him enlighten You let him lead you to... another godly masterplan the place where ubemensch await the sum of Earth's fears where your religion stands sacred blood the divine trap berserk way a new bible by Cain understood the ideology? are you really one to follow it? Follow! Fellow My fanatics Follow! Fellow to Promised Shit Follow! Fellow Pray to me Follow! Fellow Propagandaemon!
World Painted Black Bleak tears wept Starting a new day Heartache constant A wry smile on face Leaving this place? A scalpel’s bite Such a sweet pain Finding relief… A Warm thrill A Path, blood-stained Will guide you today Wide open wound yet lips stay shut internal scream of agony Sick Strangling Falling Apart into your own pain Joy long forgotten Mind driving slow Nothingness! Is it worth continuing Last breath still left Motivate! This Haze of doubts Can fade One day Fight to satisfy yourself!
Gathered together Brilliant human minds Accept the treaties Of global crime Hear every scream Landscape of fear Innocent ones Equal to foes Killing is a sophisticated art A balance between calculations and cold blood So many ways to annihilate others So easy to start a brand new slaughter Find most matching argument for you Whether a profit or just to amuse Now the obvious step To choose way to achieve that Bang! One nation's dead Cruel yet so modern A passion for power Think – which side to choose Wouldn't it be better To die and lose Though if you are Willing to win Step inside We'll prepare a deal Sign just here below that you are ready To start this horror Lot of weaponry to choose today Got chemo, bios and nuclear stuff And if you prefer a bureaucratic way Begin genocide behind your desk One lat question That we direct to you Wouldn't you like To hit red button?
Chaosonomy 04:48
Vanish, words disassemble your attitude as your will to live becomes illusion Greed fulfilled by modern prophets drives far as to be broken Social position, You care of that? now that You are a government's threat will leave You begging for food none of your efforts would do any good Care for your own chaos Tear apart govs known thesis weaken social paths Buy your own rights Chaosonomy ! Family – heard that? Tragedy – a possy threat Wealth – cared about? Country – sold out! Wonder... how the strategy lasts as the way is conducted by all pro's position that you will achieve is really the one You once imagined? Final move – yet's not taken just remember what’s at stake a chance of survival lasts now! either way, you go down Modern Economy Modern Warfare Once a citizen Now a beggar Chaos Economy! Social Destruction Sick as your leaders Sick as Your goddamn stand! Chaos economy Stop!
Declaration 03:44
Nail You filthy bastards choose your destiny leave common solutions and show your strength World! Show that you understand Faith won’t lead you there habits are so obsolete last hope stands in You! Unite then! settle one aim bare their weakness glorify our (will to): freedom - that no religion can give cohesion - that we will achieve strength - deny the weak faith - in only our deeds Our declaration: - negate all gods and their clerics - distinguish differences between the right and the good - defend our own ideologies - crush dejection’s larvaes - enter divine level... ...of own belief Manslaughter! we will guide You Manslaughter our time is now
Push the pay button, to order baptism, Transfer your fortune, your sanctity’s risen Follow commandments, there’s one new for you Treachery!! Gold-plated gods – fuck you Fuck you all left in deceit Trust in reality and believe in your own deeds! With no god left who’ll pay Holy trinity is forgotten today Log on to: www.heaven-online.net And explore all products of modern faith Gold-plated gods – fuck you Fuck you all left in deceit Trust in reality and believe in yourself! Gold-plated gods
Millions of thoughts, all in one cell Rapidly moving, destined to kill Aiming in modern world’s ideas Aiming in power, deriving from greed Crush, kill Each nations’ spine is so weak Terror, Corruption Welcome to 21st century century of decay Destructional one will be a leader of two Deceptional one will be leader instead of You One, two, three chaotic will is one we wanna believe one two three so we can accomplish our need Dieeeee! Millenium of lust, of anger and hate That only we humans can create The battle of nonsense Is still upon us Irrational Do we need to understand An exception? Ultimately we are all the same same as ever were
The Negation 03:55
Have you just tried to penetrate through my mind Are you trying to take control over my moves Did you force your pathetic ideas Are you the one certain of your superiority? I’ll smash your wall of confidence I’ll break all gates of your attitude I am the negation Anti-solution Irrepresible vision Your new reality (I am) Unstoppable (I am) Unbeatable (I am) Unbreakable I am! Each spoken order is an approach to an end I’ll humiliate You in front of your descendant The higher you wanted to rise The smaller you are now! Stand aside at my arrival Feel the treble in your head Bow before as you imagined Cause here I am! I am the negation Anti-solution Irrepresible vision Your new reality (I am) Unstoppable (I am) Unbeatable (I am) Unbreakable I am!
Caught inside my world The Earthborn Daemon Leash is getting short The Earthborn Beast Grip is getting stronger Prepare for a defeat Sick of this! Face your own reflection return to primal urge so easy to become a slave to modern world A human-torn will The earthborn daemon Sharp blade ready The Earthborn Beast forced to surrender to lies of humanity Clerk, nun, thief nurse, warder, priest lawyer, monk, A principal, tutor, deputy All equally ill Put aside trust and respect Be a part of modern society Egocentric and egoistic The Earthborn Daemon Friend, relative, lover Such a close enemy After you make your choice Turn around and see... ME!!! Put aside trust and respect Be a part of modern society Egocentric and egoistic The Earthborn Daemon The Earthborn Beast


released February 1, 2013


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Manslaughter Poland

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